My lovely everything-eating dog

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Would you believe if I told you that my dog ate chocolate and did not get sick? 🙂 I wouldn’t think so…

14610965_1401533313209148_5467029956970004987_n.jpgOn Friday, January 29 we got our dog Athos who eats basically everything he can get his paws on. We were so thankful for him that we didn’t know what was coming at us. Continue reading


The magical night of Halloween

img_6136.jpg  Stella and Sophia were on the front porch. They were babysitting Sophia’s little brother Jack.  Jack was the sweetest one-year-old boy in the world, but the time was ticking, the Halloween night was about to begin, and  the girls were nervously waiting for Sophia’s mom to come and free them to go trick-or-treating.

Every Halloween Stella and Sophia, best friends since  first grade, for five years in a row wore the same fun style   costumes. There were already double witches, black mice, clowns, and even sandwiches last year. This year they decided to be two pretty lady bugs. It was actually Sophia’s idea, and their moms made them  perfect shiny black and fluffy red  lady bugs costumes. The girls were so happy, they were ready to come out for trick-o-treating. Stella sat down in front of Sophia and asked her looking straight in her eyes:

-Sophia, do you believe in magic? Continue reading

What I really love in my 5th grade life

noya-to-avater-picHi there, my name is still Noya but many things changed since I started my blog 4 years ago. I feel like it is my “responsibility” to update you about me and my life.

I am in 5th grade and I still don’t have a cell phone. Mom and Dad listen up: I feel like I am the only 5th grader that doesn’t have a cell phone in California (Ha-Ha-Ha).

A list of things I love the most: Continue reading

My Best Friend STELLA


StellaHave you ever had the feeling when you lost something and you think that you might never ever find something like that ever again? That’s how I feel now! My best friend Stella just moved from California to Oregon. Period. Forever. If you don’t know Stella, then you don’t know how I feel now. I never gave her my farewell present and I am going to make it right.

Stella is the best friend anybody could ever have. Her mom is really nice, her little sister funny, and, her little brother is the cutest. I am glad Stella and I had some fun times the last couple of days before she left. I will remember these two fun and sunny days with Stella for a long time. Like when we went to the pool, the pool had saltwater and since I am not used to saltwater, I jumped out of the pool and ask how much chlorine did the employees put in it. She just laughed and said that the water is salt water. I jumped back and started laughing. Then after a while we went on the diving board and  Stella showed me an awesome jump. I was amased and  asked her to  teach me. But she told me that  it takes years of practice and I   could hurt myself. This just shows that Stella is always takes care of me and she is an awesome friend.


FullSizeRender (18)Stella is a very special person. She is super nice. Always! When you are around her you always smile and are never sad, she is very friendly, and you are always in a  good mood even if something bad happened. I can be myself around her and tell her my very secrets. She always will understand me and support.


It all started in first grade.

Stella was walking by with her friend Isabella and said to her: “That girl looks very lonely.  Let’s  ask her to play with us’’  “ No”, – said Isabella. But anyway Stella went over to me and said “ Would you like to play with us?” I said: “Sure!”. And we have been Best Friends ever since!!


I prepared a special gift. I bought two chains with a clock that looks like owls. It means that even if we are far apart when we look at the clock it shall remind us of each other. It also means that even if time is ticking we will never be far apart.

FullSizeRender (17)


I hope next summer Stella will come to visit in California and we will go together to overnight camp. That would be awesome!


I can clearly imagine that few years later, Stella and I go and learn in the same college! Yes! And…how about living in the same room on campus? Who knows, I believe that if you really want something, it’ll come true.

It all in our hands!

I love you Stella.  Thanks for being a great friend!


Living in the forest – interesting facts

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Would you like to live in the middle of the forest? Imagine yourself in the summer. Fresh air, beautiful birds that sing, green grass, berries and flowers. Do you thing it is nice? I am pretty sure it’s gonna be beautiful in lake Tahoe in the summer.

But now at the end of December it is very cold and all but snow and ice!

In the last few days me and my mom went around the house that we rented for ski vacation and it’s different here from San Jose.

Here are some interesting facts about living in the middle of the forest.

1. Nowhere you can see a trash cans! Next to each house there is like a little house from wood or metal. They all locked. You know why? Because bears and other animals like the leftovers of food in trash! What  fun! I can’t imagine bears coming to our own house in San Jose!

FullSizeRender (10)

2. Next to each house and along the road there are long sticks that stick out of the snow. I was wondering what are they for. Up until one evening we went to the pool and I saw that cars’ lights light at the sticks and sticks show the way for cars! Because otherwise with regular bumps on the road will be deep in the snow!

FullSizeRender (12)

3. In each house there is fire place. That’s why near to every house you will see huge piles of logs!

FullSizeRender (16)

4. You see different prints of animals everywhere! In the pool we took a brochure “Be aware of bear”

look at this! bear is coming!

look at this! bear is coming!

5. On the walls they put stuffed dear! Brrrrr!!!

FullSizeRender (21)

6. People are going to open pools here. Imagine swimming in the heated water with snowfall on your head!

It’s fun here. We will come again!

What to do if you meet a BEAR?

FullSizeRender (11)Today I spent a lovely day with my mom in the cosy wooden house in the middle of winter forrest!

We went to walk around. It was so nice. No one was around just me and my mom.

Suddenly I saw a fresh steps on the snow! Wow, it was bear’s footprints!!

So, my mom and I thought what should we do if a bear came running at us?

It was a little scary. My mom said:

– I would run to the closest house and knock on the windows HELP!!!

I said:

– No way! I would stand still and not show fear!!!

FullSizeRender (9)

So what to do if you are alone in the forrest and a bear comes running at you?

1. Stand still.

2. Do not show fear because I think a bear can sense fear!

3. Walk away backwards slowly.

4. Think positive: not everybody is lucky to meet a real bear!!! 🙂

On the way back we saw more bear footprints with claws!

look at this! bear is coming!

look at this! bear is coming!

Mom said:

– Noya, why wouldn’t we go faster home? It was a nice walk around! Enough!

How to make a snowman…

FullSizeRender (10)

Today I made a snowman by myself. It was a fun!

Here are 4 easy steps how to make a snowman:

1. Make a small snowball as best as you can. And roll it until it is as big as you want it to be. This will be the first ball.(Click on photo to see video)

FullSizeRender (7)

2. Make the second snowball. Make it a little bit smaller that the first one. Then, put it in top if the first snowball. (Click photo)

FullSizeRender (8)

3. Make the last snowball smaller that the second one and put it on top of the second  – Click on photo to see video!

FullSizeRender (2)

4. DECORATE: Don’t forget to put the buttons, eyes and arms from  tree branches. And if you don’t have a carrot for a nose…. you can be creative 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



And this is my bonus – the SNOWCAT for my dear snowman:



Question: Why in English we call it a snowMAN and in Russian it’s a snowWOMAN (снежная баба) ?????

Please share  with me your thoughts in comments:) spasibo! thanks!

The Christmas Tree Who Saw Santa

winter forestOnce upon a time in the big winter forest there lived a bunch of Christmas trees. The smallest Christmas tree was so small that she never saw the sky. The biggest trees always closed her view. She heard about Santa Clause but she never saw him. Her biggest dream was to see him.

In the forrest there always was a big argue about Santa. If there was Santa or if Santa was a fake. The oldest tree said: “How can it be? No one ever saw Santa!” The medium trees told:”Yes, Santa is real because who gives presents to all the kids in the world?” One young tree said: “I can prove it! Look at this – I have a red shiny ornament on my branches! I am pretty sure that it was Santa who droped it on me while he was flying over the forest on his magical sleigh!” The smallest Christmas tree really wanted to know the truth. She believed in Santa!

A couple of years past. It was December. Suddenly she heard voices:”Look at this green beautiful tree! Let’s take it home!” “It’s my dream coming true!” – thought the little Christmas tree. And right after few hours she found herself in a beautiful decorated house. The kids in the house were so happy: “This is our favorite tree ever! Santa sure will put the presents under this tree!”

Christmas Eve came. The tree was worried: “Yes or No? will he come or not?” But the time flew fast, the fun was over, the kids went to sleep. Suddenly the Christmas tree saw the kids’ parents tiptoed to her. They had presents in their hands. They told to each other: “It is so cute that our children still believe in Santa!”

“Oh, no!” – thought the Christmas tree. – So, Santa is fake?!Parents just told it! ” And she cried.

She cried over and over until she heard a sound. she looked around, It was nothing. After a minute someone sneezed. She heard a low voice: “Oh, now I am catching a cold! I am cold and tired. Just 3 million more houses and I am done for the night!”

– Ho-Ho-Ho!

And he quickly put the presents under the tree and winked to her: “Never believe to grownups! I am real! But I only bring presents to those who believes in miracles.” And the same second he disapeared.

And the Chrismas tree though: “This is the best night in my life! Maybe I am the only tree who saw Santa!”

My First Fencing Competition

Me on the training

Me on the training

It was my first ever fencing competition! I liked it very much ! It was very fun ! But the most difficult part that I felt very  nervous . My tornament was in San Francisco in Tresure Island. My goal was to score at least four points. In pools I fenced with 8 girls. I lost in all bouts:( But I did not cry because I am not a crying baby. But my brother did. He does not like to lose.

The most exiting thing that happened was when I was practicing outside. My Dad was my coach. I had to run around the whole feald. while I was running my Dad met coach Alexander’s pal and he was Russian. My Dad went with me to the competition:)) Yes! I felt family support in my fingers!

Did I learned new things? Yes and no. At the same time I do not know a lot of things. I learned to work harder and I really want to go to Summer National Competitions! And of course I will be better at summer!

Me at AFM

Me at AFM


Rainbow Story

rainbowMiss Abbott was a first grade teacher. She always weared black and she never beleved in two things – in love and in rainbows. She was sure that both of them are only in fairytales. Her favorite words were I don’t think so!
But Little Gabi loved her. She had no mom. She wanted Miss Abbott one day to be her mom.
– Miss Abbott, will you be my Mom?
She said
– I don’t think so!
She asked her every day until one day… One day after school Gabi waited her Dad and saw a peace of rainbow in the sky. Gabi ranned to Miss Abbott.
– Miss Abbott! Miss Abbott! There is a peace of rainbow!
– I don’t think so!
Gabi took her hand and showed the rainbow in the sky.
Miss Abbott didn’t see it
– It’s a cloud!
– No!
– It’s a sun!
– Nope!
– Oh, now I see. Is it real? I THINK SO!
Gabi’s Dad came. Miss Abbott fell in love with him ritgh away!
She told him
– Look! There is a rainbow! It is so nice to see a rainbow!
And Gabi finally asked
– Will you be my mom? 🙂