Little Lemon


One day I looked at  our lemon tree and I ithougt what if these three lemons could talk. Then I wrote a story about lemon brothers.

Little Lemon

IMGP1434There was a young lemon tree on a back yard. It was it’s first winter. On the tree there were three lemons. The first one was the biggest one. He had thick skin.He said to his brouthers:

– Look at me! I am big! I am strong! I will be the king of all fruts!

Suddenly people came and said:

– Look! This lemon is really strong, it will be the king of our fruit jam!

The second lemon brother said:

– I am the ripe lemon. I will be the best chef in the world!

Suddenly people came and they said:

–  This one is ripe lemon! Lets take it for our salld.


The third little brouther said :

– And I want to make something special and travel around the world. I saw nothing but this back yard.


People came again and said:

– We are leaving for the trip. This lemon is the last one. Let’s take it with us.

And the little lemon went for his first trip.

It was dark in the bag. But finely people took him off and put him into fruit basket outside. And he saw new trees. He saw nice birds. He saw beautiful flowers. The  little lemon was happy.

At the evening people cried:

– Oh, our little Tony is so hot, he is sick. What to do? What to do? He may die!

And the little lemon wanted to scream:

– I am here! I am here! Ican save him! I am full of vitamins!

People came. Who knows, may be they heard him.

– Look! This is our last lemon. This is our last hope! Let’s make a perfect tea for our boy.

The little lemon smiled:

I will save this boy ! It’s nice  to make something special in your live !

10 thoughts on “Little Lemon

  1. Dearest Noya, you have such a beautiful heart. Thank you for the lemon story. I loved lemons before but now I love them even more.

  2. Yesterday Jonathan was reading your story and liked it very much. He was very sick last night and he is almost healthy in the morning, after reading your story! He had some lemon juice and lots of tea with lemon juice with a lot of hope to recover next day:-).
    The bottom line: keep reading good stories, Noya!
    Jonathan and Tatiana

  3. Дорогая Ноечка, твои истории одна лучше другой! И хотя я уже давно выросла, мне очень интересно их читать, спасибо, ты большая умница)))
    Я вспомнила, что сегодня у тебя и твоего брата день рождения, правда? Поздравляю!
    Желаю вам обоим быть здоровыми и веселыми, на радость маме и папе. И еще – невероятных, интересных и обязательно добрых приключений! Пожалуйста, передай мои пожелания Адаму, ок?

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  5. Здраствуй, Ноя!
    Ты пишешь замечательные сказки! Я читаю их своей маленькой двухлетней дочке, она с большим интересом слушает их. Нам очень нравятся твои истории.
    Ты настоящая умница!

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