My last day of first grade

with Ms Ly

with Ms Ly

Today was my last day of school and I felt sad. I wish Ms. Ly will be my teacher in second grage too! She is the best teacher ever! because she is kind to other people, she teaches very well and she is very striked.

I had fun time with my class and Ms Ly. it was the best year ever and I loved it. and also I had a fun time with my friends.

My favorite things in school are:

Reading, math, writing, choice time, quiet reading area. I like art class and music class. I like blue buinder for weather, white buinder for poems. Library is my very favorite place in school bacause I love reading!

My best friends are Verannika, Stella and Isabella.

This is Verannika and me:


I will miss her at summer!

Thank you Ms Ly for teaching us this year.

Hello SUMMER!!!!

11 thoughts on “My last day of first grade

  1. Dearest Noya, you are so incredibly gifted. I am so proud to know you. You are going to have a great summer because you have such a wonderful imagination. How can you ever not have fun with art, music, reading and good friends. Just keep your blue and white binders near you so you can capture each precious moment so you can share with the rest of us. Have a beautiful summer! Love, Stella

  2. Dear, Noya. It’s fine you miss the school. My son don’t like to study very much, that is why he usually waits the Summer during all year. Summer for him is football and beach. I think that your Summer will be fine too. All the more you have Internet and you can communicate with your school friends and share them with your impressions. Have a fine Summer, Noyechka!

  3. Дорогая Ноя! Ты умница и красавица! оставайся всегда такой же замечательной! Продолжай вести свой блог! Передавай привет своей прекрасной Семье!

  4. Ноя, привет! Я тоже закончила первый класс и пошла во второй. У меня тоже есть любимая учительница, она очень добрая! Я учусь в школе с углубленным изучением английского языка и еще в художественной школе. Я прочитала все, что ты пишешь. Удивительно, мне нравится в школе все тоже самое, что и тебе.

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