Rainbow Story

rainbowMiss Abbott was a first grade teacher. She always weared black and she never beleved in two things – in love and in rainbows. She was sure that both of them are only in fairytales. Her favorite words were I don’t think so!
But Little Gabi loved her. She had no mom. She wanted Miss Abbott one day to be her mom.
– Miss Abbott, will you be my Mom?
She said
– I don’t think so!
She asked her every day until one day… One day after school Gabi waited her Dad and saw a peace of rainbow in the sky. Gabi ranned to Miss Abbott.
– Miss Abbott! Miss Abbott! There is a peace of rainbow!
– I don’t think so!
Gabi took her hand and showed the rainbow in the sky.
Miss Abbott didn’t see it
– It’s a cloud!
– No!
– It’s a sun!
– Nope!
– Oh, now I see. Is it real? I THINK SO!
Gabi’s Dad came. Miss Abbott fell in love with him ritgh away!
She told him
– Look! There is a rainbow! It is so nice to see a rainbow!
And Gabi finally asked
– Will you be my mom? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Story

  1. Very sweet story Noya, just like you. It make my eyes tear up. And, your rainbow is fabulous. I love the colors and the purple construction paper. Thank you for your inspiring posts.

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  3. Какой красивый рисунок ! Хочется смотреть и смотреть на него. Ноечка, ты такая солнечная сказочная девочка. И истории твои – замечательны !

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