My First Fencing Competition

Me on the training

Me on the training

It was my first ever fencing competition! I liked it very much ! It was very fun ! But the most difficult part that I felt very  nervous . My tornament was in San Francisco in Tresure Island. My goal was to score at least four points. In pools I fenced with 8 girls. I lost in all bouts:( But I did not cry because I am not a crying baby. But my brother did. He does not like to lose.

The most exiting thing that happened was when I was practicing outside. My Dad was my coach. I had to run around the whole feald. while I was running my Dad met coach Alexander’s pal and he was Russian. My Dad went with me to the competition:)) Yes! I felt family support in my fingers!

Did I learned new things? Yes and no. At the same time I do not know a lot of things. I learned to work harder and I really want to go to Summer National Competitions! And of course I will be better at summer!

Me at AFM

Me at AFM


2 thoughts on “My First Fencing Competition

  1. Ноя, какая же ты молодец!
    Я желаю тебе много радостных побед во всем. что ты делаешь!

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