The Christmas Tree Who Saw Santa

winter forestOnce upon a time in the big winter forest there lived a bunch of Christmas trees. The smallest Christmas tree was so small that she never saw the sky. The biggest trees always closed her view. She heard about Santa Clause but she never saw him. Her biggest dream was to see him.

In the forrest there always was a big argue about Santa. If there was Santa or if Santa was a fake. The oldest tree said: “How can it be? No one ever saw Santa!” The medium trees told:”Yes, Santa is real because who gives presents to all the kids in the world?” One young tree said: “I can prove it! Look at this – I have a red shiny ornament on my branches! I am pretty sure that it was Santa who droped it on me while he was flying over the forest on his magical sleigh!” The smallest Christmas tree really wanted to know the truth. She believed in Santa!

A couple of years past. It was December. Suddenly she heard voices:”Look at this green beautiful tree! Let’s take it home!” “It’s my dream coming true!” – thought the little Christmas tree. And right after few hours she found herself in a beautiful decorated house. The kids in the house were so happy: “This is our favorite tree ever! Santa sure will put the presents under this tree!”

Christmas Eve came. The tree was worried: “Yes or No? will he come or not?” But the time flew fast, the fun was over, the kids went to sleep. Suddenly the Christmas tree saw the kids’ parents tiptoed to her. They had presents in their hands. They told to each other: “It is so cute that our children still believe in Santa!”

“Oh, no!” – thought the Christmas tree. – So, Santa is fake?!Parents just told it! ” And she cried.

She cried over and over until she heard a sound. she looked around, It was nothing. After a minute someone sneezed. She heard a low voice: “Oh, now I am catching a cold! I am cold and tired. Just 3 million more houses and I am done for the night!”

– Ho-Ho-Ho!

And he quickly put the presents under the tree and winked to her: “Never believe to grownups! I am real! But I only bring presents to those who believes in miracles.” And the same second he disapeared.

And the Chrismas tree though: “This is the best night in my life! Maybe I am the only tree who saw Santa!”

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