Living in the forest – interesting facts

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Would you like to live in the middle of the forest? Imagine yourself in the summer. Fresh air, beautiful birds that sing, green grass, berries and flowers. Do you thing it is nice? I am pretty sure it’s gonna be beautiful in lake Tahoe in the summer.

But now at the end of December it is very cold and all but snow and ice!

In the last few days me and my mom went around the house that we rented for ski vacation and it’s different here from San Jose.

Here are some interesting facts about living in the middle of the forest.

1. Nowhere you can see a trash cans! Next to each house there is like a little house from wood or metal. They all locked. You know why? Because bears and other animals like the leftovers of food in trash! What  fun! I can’t imagine bears coming to our own house in San Jose!

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2. Next to each house and along the road there are long sticks that stick out of the snow. I was wondering what are they for. Up until one evening we went to the pool and I saw that cars’ lights light at the sticks and sticks show the way for cars! Because otherwise with regular bumps on the road will be deep in the snow!

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3. In each house there is fire place. That’s why near to every house you will see huge piles of logs!

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4. You see different prints of animals everywhere! In the pool we took a brochure “Be aware of bear”

look at this! bear is coming!

look at this! bear is coming!

5. On the walls they put stuffed dear! Brrrrr!!!

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6. People are going to open pools here. Imagine swimming in the heated water with snowfall on your head!

It’s fun here. We will come again!

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