My Best Friend STELLA


StellaHave you ever had the feeling when you lost something and you think that you might never ever find something like that ever again? That’s how I feel now! My best friend Stella just moved from California to Oregon. Period. Forever. If you don’t know Stella, then you don’t know how I feel now. I never gave her my farewell present and I am going to make it right.

Stella is the best friend anybody could ever have. Her mom is really nice, her little sister funny, and, her little brother is the cutest. I am glad Stella and I had some fun times the last couple of days before she left. I will remember these two fun and sunny days with Stella for a long time. Like when we went to the pool, the pool had saltwater and since I am not used to saltwater, I jumped out of the pool and ask how much chlorine did the employees put in it. She just laughed and said that the water is salt water. I jumped back and started laughing. Then after a while we went on the diving board and  Stella showed me an awesome jump. I was amased and  asked her to  teach me. But she told me that  it takes years of practice and I   could hurt myself. This just shows that Stella is always takes care of me and she is an awesome friend.


FullSizeRender (18)Stella is a very special person. She is super nice. Always! When you are around her you always smile and are never sad, she is very friendly, and you are always in a  good mood even if something bad happened. I can be myself around her and tell her my very secrets. She always will understand me and support.


It all started in first grade.

Stella was walking by with her friend Isabella and said to her: “That girl looks very lonely.  Let’s  ask her to play with us’’  “ No”, – said Isabella. But anyway Stella went over to me and said “ Would you like to play with us?” I said: “Sure!”. And we have been Best Friends ever since!!


I prepared a special gift. I bought two chains with a clock that looks like owls. It means that even if we are far apart when we look at the clock it shall remind us of each other. It also means that even if time is ticking we will never be far apart.

FullSizeRender (17)


I hope next summer Stella will come to visit in California and we will go together to overnight camp. That would be awesome!


I can clearly imagine that few years later, Stella and I go and learn in the same college! Yes! And…how about living in the same room on campus? Who knows, I believe that if you really want something, it’ll come true.

It all in our hands!

I love you Stella.  Thanks for being a great friend!


14 thoughts on “My Best Friend STELLA

  1. Ноечка, какая ты умница! Ты так трогательно рассказала о своей подруге! Я думаю она всегда будет хранить твое письмо.

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