What I really love in my 5th grade life

noya-to-avater-picHi there, my name is still Noya but many things changed since I started my blog 4 years ago. I feel like it is my “responsibility” to update you about me and my life.

I am in 5th grade and I still don’t have a cell phone. Mom and Dad listen up: I feel like I am the only 5th grader that doesn’t have a cell phone in California (Ha-Ha-Ha).

A list of things I love the most:


1.I like to sing – period!


Well, I don’t think that I can win America’s Got Talent, but I believe that I can be not bad Cinderella in a play, why not?

I always sing in the car and in the shower. The huge advantage of being in the shower is that there are no siblings around to tell me “ Noya, stop it! Noya I am going to tell mom!” I tried to sing opera. My mom thought it was wonderful, but all of my siblings started to close their ears and yell Stop, stop, stop! I don’t really care, I do it for my joy.


2.I love to cook


I cook every open moment I have. Even when my mom isn’t at home I will take some ingredients that I can find and bake something that is my own creation. To tell you the truth, even when my own family says “ehh” that doesn’t discourage me. The next day I will still try to invent a new cake. 🙂

My mom bought me a book that had lots of different recipes in it but still I just took all the ingredients that I could find and made up a cake. One day my mom asked what I wanted to be. Probably she expected to hear that I would want to be a famous writer, but I said that I want to run a bakery and be a television host on a baking show. And one day I will be. And who knows, maybe in my free time after shooting an episode in my baking show I will write a book or two.


  1. I love fencing a lot!!!


My parents run a fencing academy.  Cool right? My three siblings all do foil and I do epee (I am a special girl). I made a lot of friends there (yay!) I got to travel across America like to Texas, Oregon, Ohio etc. My biggest results were when I got second place in Y12WE that stands for Youth 12 Women’s Epee, that means I competed with 12 years old and won the Silver medal!!!


I still enjoy creating stories, I play piano, I dance hip-hop in a dance studio, I speak, read and write in Russian, I have an amazing dog whose name is Athos.

To make a long story short, Life is beautiful 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I really love in my 5th grade life

  1. Noya, its been a while since your last writing. You are super talented , beautiful girl! You hobbies are awesome , keep enjoying what you love the most. You are lucky to grow up in such a wonderful family that supports all your interesting beginnings. Your life is like dream came true.. Waiting for you next post!

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