The magical night of Halloween

img_6136.jpg  Stella and Sophia were on the front porch. They were babysitting Sophia’s little brother Jack.  Jack was the sweetest one-year-old boy in the world, but the time was ticking, the Halloween night was about to begin, and  the girls were nervously waiting for Sophia’s mom to come and free them to go trick-or-treating.

Every Halloween Stella and Sophia, best friends since  first grade, for five years in a row wore the same fun style   costumes. There were already double witches, black mice, clowns, and even sandwiches last year. This year they decided to be two pretty lady bugs. It was actually Sophia’s idea, and their moms made them  perfect shiny black and fluffy red  lady bugs costumes. The girls were so happy, they were ready to come out for trick-o-treating. Stella sat down in front of Sophia and asked her looking straight in her eyes:

-Sophia, do you believe in magic?

Sophia thought, and thought, and thought…  Finally she turned her wheel chair around to Stella:

-Yes… well, probably yes. I never tried these crazy things before. I never had any magic in my life, I wish I could! – Sophia frowned.

-Why not? What if it’s true and magic exists? If so, you have a chance to try some magic and have your legs  strong again! And then finally you will live up your dream… OK, listen,  I have a secret to share with you, – said Stella. – Promise to keep it!

-Pinkie swear! – exclaimed Sophia with a big smile like it was her birthday.

-You know, someone just told me that once in ten years on Halloween night – which is exactly today! –  Rosie, the famous fortune teller helps the first ten people in line to say  their biggest dreams. This year is her 50th birthday and she will help the first 50 people! We have a chance! If your mom will not be completely late tonight!

-Seriously, Stella, you believe in this kind of magic?

– Sophia, what if… What if it’s true? I know that in your heart you dream to be a fencer, just like me. We will fence together!

The girls looked up at the  clock on the wall. The time was 9 o’clock.  The door opened and Sophia’s mom  finally came home.

– Sorry girls, thanks for the babysitting! Go! Enjoy your Halloween! Don’t go to unknown places! Deal? Sophia, no questions, your big brother Jake is going with you! Jake, thank you!

Seriously? They need their own babysitter! But there was zero chance that Sophia’s mom would  change her mind.  Jake helped his sister push the chair out and they went to the colorful black-and-orange street! It was crowded around. Little monsters, angels and witches were running from house to house asking for candy. The girls begged Jake to change direction and go to one haunted house they wanted to see.

Jake was not happy but he was a nice big brother:

– Just one house and we will go back to our street, OK?

So, Jake, Stella, and, Sophia ran to the haunted house were Rosie was sitting. On the way there Stella said:

– Wait, I think I saw a child alone and abounded on the street.

When they went to the place where Stella said she saw the girl,  they saw a girl around age 3.

-Ladybug?  – Said the girl.

-What is your name? – Asked Sophia.

– My name is Suzy. –  The little girl said.

-Where are your parents? –  Asked Stella.

– My parents gone, I am lost. –   Said  Suzy starting to cry.

– Do you want to sit on me?- Said Sophia. – Don’t worry, we will find your parents!

– Come on, we are going to be late!-  Said Stella. – We will go to police right after Rosie’s house!

And they all went to the Rosie’s Haunted house. Jake said he was going to wait outside with little Suzy, and Stella and Sophia went ahead to go get in line. They hoped that they were not too late. They waited and waited, and the longer they waited, the more they lost hope. Finally it was their turn.

– The last one in the line, please! – they heard a strong voice inside the house. – Number 50, come in!

– Go, go Sophie. Don’t be afraid, ask for legs!- Said Stella. – Go say your dream!

– No.  – Said Sophia. –  I know exactly what to ask Rosie…

When they went inside Sophia suddenly said:

– I want… I want little Suzy’s parents to find her! This is my dream!

-What?! Why didn’t you ask to have healthy legs? – Asked Stella.

-My mom always told me to be kind to others, and then you can find your happiness! It will make me happy to see little Suzy smiling again! I’ll be alright…

The girls came out of strange house in complete silence. Jake was waiting for them with his mouth open.

–   Guess what! Suzy’s parents just came by and took Suzy!

–  Wow! Cool.  – Said Stella.

–  That’s really cool, I guess my wish was granted! –  Sophia smiled.

The next day Sophia went to watch Stella’s fencing class. It was a fun place, Sophia liked to come and watch her friend. Stella’s coach suddenly went up to Sophia and he said:

–  Hey, Sophia, I have a great news for you! We are going to add wheelchair fencing strips and you are invited to the fencing class!

– Yay!  – Said Sophia. – Hooray! You see, Stella. I told you,  I will be fine! This is the happiest day of my life! Probably Rosie’s magic helped me?

–  Honestly, I don’t think so, Sophie. Your kind heart, what is a real magic! – hugged her Stella.

And that was the End of The Magical Night of Halloween.


Written by Noya

Picture made by Mika

One thought on “The magical night of Halloween

  1. Noya, I liked your story a lot. It’s amazing! I had tears on my eyes. You have a very kind heart. Thank you very much!
    I liked your mom’s blog and I enjoy yours as much ))

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