My lovely everything-eating dog

unnamed (14)

Would you believe if I told you that my dog ate chocolate and did not get sick? 🙂 I wouldn’t think so…

14610965_1401533313209148_5467029956970004987_n.jpgOn Friday, January 29 we got our dog Athos who eats basically everything he can get his paws on. We were so thankful for him that we didn’t know what was coming at us.

Athos is a chocolate-brown labradoodle. Well, chocolate-brown and white chocolate labradoodle:)  Right now Athos is 1 year and 2 months. The name Athos comes from the Three Musketeers. My mom wanted to name him Salute but that was a bad name.

Athos is a big responsibility because he really loves to eat a lot of stuff so we have to keep an eye on him. I think Athos really loves peanut butter but only one kind… let me tell you why:  We didn’t have “Skippy ” peanut butter so we put an organic fancy one instead.We put the peanut butter on  the table to see if he would get on the table. We waited for like a hundred years but still Athos didn’t get on the table.:) Conclusion: he is not a big fan of organic foods.

unnamed (4).jpgWhen he was 8 weeks we used to have a soccer ball that we used to measure him each week. At 8 weeks he was very small and very cute.

Every week our soccer ball was smaller and smaller:)



unnamed (5)


Right now Athos weighs 50 lbs.

unnamed (11)

He is very calm right now but, never suspect a dog! 🙂

So far Athos ate:

  1. Mom’s designer red shoes
  2. My tennis shoes
  3. My little brother Daniel’s shoes
  4. Mika’s black shoes
  5. A lunch box
  6. Nine! Ferrer Rosher chokolates at once
  7. The whole huge baked salmon
  8. Tons of tissues
  9. Tennis balls
  10. Legos
  11. Million of pens and pencils

The best part of growing with dog is that when you feel sad or happy you can see it in that dog.

The worst part to have a dog is that you have to see what he chewed up and have to get mad at him and not look into those cute eyes.

I love him because he is so cute and sweet. I also love him because he is so cuddly and its fun to go on walks with him and tell him about my day its like he understands.:)

One of my favorite moments with Athos was when we got him because he was cute and looked scared.


When I grow up, I want to have 2 dogs, both labradoodles.

5 thoughts on “My lovely everything-eating dog

  1. Dear Noya,
    You are a great inspiration! Just like you,I am a young (young as in around your age) writer who does fencing (not epee though, I do sabre)and who absolutely loves writing! Keep blogging! You have a unique way of writing, and a talent for rhyme. Stick to writing! It can take you a long way!
    P.S. I might see you at Summer Nationals. Keep on working toward those points!

    • Dear Anna,
      Thank you so much for commenting! How old are you?(I am almost twelve) It’s cool that you also do fencing. I really want to meet you! Thank you for writing the comment and looking at my blog!!!
      Thank you,
      P.S. I think I will see you in Summer Nationals!!! Can we meet in summer nationals? We could communicate because I like to have friends from other clubs!!!

  2. Hi, Noya. I just remembered about your family and just found your pages again. Few years ago i read blog of your mom. It was very interesting, what news is now. I am very happy to read your page with new stories and new photos. My name is Julia, i am 40 years old and i am from Minsk, Belarus 🙂

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