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February 23rd, 2017 

Hi there,

It’s me, Noya, same girl who opened this blog 4 years ago, but 4 years wiser 🙂

Four years past since I wrote this “About me” page for my blog Noyaland. Feels like four hundred years ago:) Right now I am already in 5th grade in Guadalupe Elementary School, San Jose, California.  I haven’t written in my blog for a long time because I am very  busy with fencing that I do, school, dancing and lots of other fun things. I really love to fence and I have been fencing for 3 years now. My parents run a fencing club in Campbell, California. I have made a lot of friends there and they are really nice. And exciting news is that I got a labradoodle , chocolate sweet dog and his name is Athos. I like to sing, dance and read. And I still enjoy a lot writing.

I wanted to add this updated intro and probably get back to writing in Noyaland.

Hope to write more often now. Here is my new and updated story about all I love to do being 4 years older: read here.


January 20, 2013


My name is Noya. I am six and a half. I like icecream. I like to read and write stories. I like to dance. I speak Russian and English..  I have a garden. I like to go to school. I like to kiss my Mom. I help my Mom a lot.

I have a bunkbed. I have a bunk bed because I have a twin brother Adam. I sleep on the top! Actually we have two bunk beds in our house. The second one  is for Mika and Daniel. They are my little sister and brother and they are twins too.

I’ve got a new present. It is a hot pink diary with a pink pen. Now I write in it everything I see.

Santa brought me this year a camera. It was pink. It made so bad pictures. My Dad brought me a black camera. Now I have a real camera like my Mom.  I like to make new pictures.

I write my stories with pen. I type them really slow. I want to be a writer. Or a Vet. May be also a kids’ doctor.



Hello, I am Noya’s Mom. I’d like to add few remarks to my little writer’s story (or may be to Noya’s first resume).

We all in our family are passionate about books. Our favorite time of the day is a night storytelling. All four kids are cuddling around me or Dad and listening to different fairy-tales, fantasizing themselves as brave heroes, powerful magicians and goodhearted fairies. This love to the books transformed last year into Noya’s desire to create her own little stories. She has a simple camera in her bag and she is shooting pictures all the time. Inspired by our family blog 6Cherries she asked for her own space for writing.

All stories are original with her punctuation and style (with only exception of some help with spelling of difficult words when she asks, but then I guess shortly her command of English will surpass ours 🙂 ). All photos also are taken by Noya. First she writes texts in her pink diary, and then types it into the blog (quite a slow process at this time, so this “About Me” she finished in two days). She is so proud to start her own blog, which she called NoyaLand. I am happy to support this wonderful journey of creativity!

27 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ноя, ты очень талантливая девочка. Продолжай писать истории и стихи. Они замечательные. Желаю тебе больших успехов 🙂

  2. Hi Noya,
    I liked your blog and stories very much. I have shown your blog to my 7 years old son Emil and he was really impressed. He can’t yet read your stories because he started to learn English just recently but I translated some stories for him. He liked the story about the White Cup very much. So we promise that we will wait for your new stories. )))
    Good luck!

  3. Hi, Hoya! You are very talanted girl. I hope your wish to become writer will come true. Thank you very much for your interesting stories. I have read the strory about White Cup to my little son and daughter and they liked very much. Now we are your readers 🙂

  4. Noya, your blog is great! Your stories are really interesting and unusual! I am sure that soon you’ll have a lot of followers who will be waiting to read each new story. Tomorrow I’ll read them to my daughter. I’m sure she’ll like them. I’ll let you know. 🙂
    You have a talent and I believe that you will succeed in your writing. Keep going and good luck!

  5. Noya –

    I am so unbelievably proud of you! You are such a better writer than I was at your age. When I was six the only word I knew how to spell were “boat, blue, red and cat”. I am so happy that you are passionate and motivated! Keep it up!

  6. hey Noya, your blog is wonderfull!! And I’m happy to be here. Sorry, if my write-english is not very good (because I’m from Germany and this is my 2nd language), but I understand all, what you write and this is really good. I have a daugther too and she is 7 years old. I will show her your blog!
    Good luck!


  7. Привет, Ноя!
    Я очень удивлен, что девочка твоего возраста уже ведет свой, да еще и интересный блог. Сам я живу в России и вполне нормально понимаю английский не смотря на свой возраст (11 лет). Я надеюсь, что ты станешь очень известной писательницей и блоггером! на этом все, пока!

  8. Ноя 😉 Это так здорово, когда ученикам нравится их учительница!!! (так ведь интереснее учиться, правда?) Весёлых каникул тебе 😉
    Моя дочка тоже закончила первый класс. И сейчас она начинает учить английский язык. Надеюсь, через пару лет, она сможет читать твой блог и писать письма.

  9. Привет, Ноя! Меня зовут Катя, я учусь во втором классе. Я тоже очень люблю книги и люблю читать, когда я вырасту, то буду иллюстратором детских книжек. Я занимаюсь в художественной школе и учу английский язык. А еще у меня есть братик, ему 5 лет и котенок Триша, она смешная. Заходи в мой блог и будем дружить, и помогать друг другу учить язык – я тебе русский, а ты мне английский. Вот мой блог http://google-l-lin.blogspot.ru/

  10. HI, noya this is eden { your’e brothers friend from 3d grade if you don’t remember I suppose} and I will see if you’re poems are good!!!!!

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