The Christmas Tree Who Saw Santa

winter forestOnce upon a time in the big winter forest there lived a bunch of Christmas trees. The smallest Christmas tree was so small that she never saw the sky. The biggest trees always closed her view. She heard about Santa Clause but she never saw him. Her biggest dream was to see him.

In the forrest there always was a big argue about Santa. If there was Santa or if Santa was a fake. The oldest tree said: “How can it be? No one ever saw Santa!” The medium trees told:”Yes, Santa is real because who gives presents to all the kids in the world?” One young tree said: “I can prove it! Look at this – I have a red shiny ornament on my branches! I am pretty sure that it was Santa who droped it on me while he was flying over the forest on his magical sleigh!” The smallest Christmas tree really wanted to know the truth. She believed in Santa!

A couple of years past. It was December. Suddenly she heard voices:”Look at this green beautiful tree! Let’s take it home!” “It’s my dream coming true!” – thought the little Christmas tree. And right after few hours she found herself in a beautiful decorated house. The kids in the house were so happy: “This is our favorite tree ever! Santa sure will put the presents under this tree!”

Christmas Eve came. The tree was worried: “Yes or No? will he come or not?” But the time flew fast, the fun was over, the kids went to sleep. Suddenly the Christmas tree saw the kids’ parents tiptoed to her. They had presents in their hands. They told to each other: “It is so cute that our children still believe in Santa!”

“Oh, no!” – thought the Christmas tree. – So, Santa is fake?!Parents just told it! ” And she cried.

She cried over and over until she heard a sound. she looked around, It was nothing. After a minute someone sneezed. She heard a low voice: “Oh, now I am catching a cold! I am cold and tired. Just 3 million more houses and I am done for the night!”

– Ho-Ho-Ho!

And he quickly put the presents under the tree and winked to her: “Never believe to grownups! I am real! But I only bring presents to those who believes in miracles.” And the same second he disapeared.

And the Chrismas tree though: “This is the best night in my life! Maybe I am the only tree who saw Santa!”


My First Fencing Competition

Me on the training

Me on the training

It was my first ever fencing competition! I liked it very much ! It was very fun ! But the most difficult part that I felt very  nervous . My tornament was in San Francisco in Tresure Island. My goal was to score at least four points. In pools I fenced with 8 girls. I lost in all bouts:( But I did not cry because I am not a crying baby. But my brother did. He does not like to lose.

The most exiting thing that happened was when I was practicing outside. My Dad was my coach. I had to run around the whole feald. while I was running my Dad met coach Alexander’s pal and he was Russian. My Dad went with me to the competition:)) Yes! I felt family support in my fingers!

Did I learned new things? Yes and no. At the same time I do not know a lot of things. I learned to work harder and I really want to go to Summer National Competitions! And of course I will be better at summer!

Me at AFM

Me at AFM


Rainbow Story

rainbowMiss Abbott was a first grade teacher. She always weared black and she never beleved in two things – in love and in rainbows. She was sure that both of them are only in fairytales. Her favorite words were I don’t think so!
But Little Gabi loved her. She had no mom. She wanted Miss Abbott one day to be her mom.
– Miss Abbott, will you be my Mom?
She said
– I don’t think so!
She asked her every day until one day… One day after school Gabi waited her Dad and saw a peace of rainbow in the sky. Gabi ranned to Miss Abbott.
– Miss Abbott! Miss Abbott! There is a peace of rainbow!
– I don’t think so!
Gabi took her hand and showed the rainbow in the sky.
Miss Abbott didn’t see it
– It’s a cloud!
– No!
– It’s a sun!
– Nope!
– Oh, now I see. Is it real? I THINK SO!
Gabi’s Dad came. Miss Abbott fell in love with him ritgh away!
She told him
– Look! There is a rainbow! It is so nice to see a rainbow!
And Gabi finally asked
– Will you be my mom? 🙂

My last day of first grade

with Ms Ly

with Ms Ly

Today was my last day of school and I felt sad. I wish Ms. Ly will be my teacher in second grage too! She is the best teacher ever! because she is kind to other people, she teaches very well and she is very striked.

I had fun time with my class and Ms Ly. it was the best year ever and I loved it. and also I had a fun time with my friends.

My favorite things in school are:

Reading, math, writing, choice time, quiet reading area. I like art class and music class. I like blue buinder for weather, white buinder for poems. Library is my very favorite place in school bacause I love reading!

My best friends are Verannika, Stella and Isabella.

This is Verannika and me:


I will miss her at summer!

Thank you Ms Ly for teaching us this year.

Hello SUMMER!!!!

Little Lemon


One day I looked at  our lemon tree and I ithougt what if these three lemons could talk. Then I wrote a story about lemon brothers.

Little Lemon

IMGP1434There was a young lemon tree on a back yard. It was it’s first winter. On the tree there were three lemons. The first one was the biggest one. He had thick skin.He said to his brouthers:

– Look at me! I am big! I am strong! I will be the king of all fruts!

Suddenly people came and said:

– Look! This lemon is really strong, it will be the king of our fruit jam!

The second lemon brother said:

– I am the ripe lemon. I will be the best chef in the world!

Suddenly people came and they said:

–  This one is ripe lemon! Lets take it for our salld.


The third little brouther said :

– And I want to make something special and travel around the world. I saw nothing but this back yard.


People came again and said:

– We are leaving for the trip. This lemon is the last one. Let’s take it with us.

And the little lemon went for his first trip.

It was dark in the bag. But finely people took him off and put him into fruit basket outside. And he saw new trees. He saw nice birds. He saw beautiful flowers. The  little lemon was happy.

At the evening people cried:

– Oh, our little Tony is so hot, he is sick. What to do? What to do? He may die!

And the little lemon wanted to scream:

– I am here! I am here! Ican save him! I am full of vitamins!

People came. Who knows, may be they heard him.

– Look! This is our last lemon. This is our last hope! Let’s make a perfect tea for our boy.

The little lemon smiled:

I will save this boy ! It’s nice  to make something special in your live !

The giving tree

IMG_4033It is nice to give other people. It’s not fun if you only take. It’s important to give and not only take because the people who get your staff ot help will also help others.  Like a cyrcle of help.  Somethimes you will need help too!

On January we did this giving tree. Everybody bringed in mittents for the people in need. We all gave a pair of new mittens. I thought of some kid who did not have money to buy mittents. I was so happy to bring a new pair.


Why I decided to tell it now but not in January? Because in the Winter they were still on our giving tree. No kids had these mittens. I am sad!

This is Adam’s class tree:




My swim test

DSCN0752Today I had a swim test in the pool. I did not want to do this swim test because I have already failed twice. I was scared and I said: No! I do not want  to take this test. I will fail again. Adam is a way better swimmer.

But my mom said: Don’t worry. Everything will be OK. Believe in yourself. It’s all in your head you can do it! Go girl, go!

And I swam. And I did it! The whole way in the pool, and under the water, and I found all rings .

Today I got my first green band and my first card like adults have. I was proud! Mom was right it’s all in my head.


I was so excited that lady from the office put us inside to see our cards coming . Adam also got his card today. Now we can swim free.


And I asked to scan my card for the first time in my life.

And mom took us to celebrate:)