My swim test

DSCN0752Today I had a swim test in the pool. I did not want to do this swim test because I have already failed twice. I was scared and I said: No! I do not want  to take this test. I will fail again. Adam is a way better swimmer.

But my mom said: Don’t worry. Everything will be OK. Believe in yourself. It’s all in your head you can do it! Go girl, go!

And I swam. And I did it! The whole way in the pool, and under the water, and I found all rings .

Today I got my first green band and my first card like adults have. I was proud! Mom was right it’s all in my head.


I was so excited that lady from the office put us inside to see our cards coming . Adam also got his card today. Now we can swim free.


And I asked to scan my card for the first time in my life.

And mom took us to celebrate:)



16 thoughts on “My swim test

  1. Noya,
    I just landed in the airport in Frankfurt and the first thing that I read is your post. I am SO proud of you. I am so excited that you passed the test and did it with the flying colors! You are great – I had no doubt you will succeed in the test and you just proved this. Thanks for sharing this and I am sorry I wasn’t able to celebrate with you today – but we will celebrate when I return.

  2. Noya! It’great that you could fight down your fear. It’s very important to know how to do it. I really proud of you 🙂 I remember the post of your mom about skying. She was in your situation. 🙂

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